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Specify a local path for a gem in your Gemfile

March 21, 2014

Bundler provides a mechanism to override a gem with a local one which works as follows:

bundle config local.GEM_NAME /path/to/local/git/repository

This is great and easy to understand. Unfortunately, it only works if the gem is pulling from git in the Gemfile:

gem 'GEM_NAME', github: 'your/gem', branch: 'master'

This is great in some cases, but in others I’d rather develop against a gem and not modify the Gemfile when I am ready to deploy. The hack I came up with is to use two gemfiles. Create a file called Gemfile.local:

# Gemfile.local
eval File.read(File.expand_path('../Gemfile', __FILE__))
@dependencies.delete @dependencies.find { |d| d.name == 'GEM_NAME' }
gem 'GEM_NAME', path: 'path/to/local/gem'

This file loads the original Gemfile, finds the gem, and redefines it to point to your local gem. Next, run:

bundle install --gemfile=Gemfile.local

You only have to run this once with the extra option. bundler will remember the choice to use Gemfile.local in .bundle/config. This will generate a separate lock file as well.

From this point forward, Bundler should now reference your local gem, but still use the actual gem in other environments. If you’d like to revert to using the original Gemfile, just remove the line from .bundle/config.